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Walker Esquire represents both plaintiffs and defendants in construction,
real estate and commercial law legal matters.

A premier Florida litigation firm focused on construction, real estate and commercial lawsuits.

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construction litigation

Construction Litigation

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Real Estate Litigation

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Commercial Litigation

Approaching Cases With Urgency While Removing The Emotional Lens

At Walker Esquire, my firm represents clients of all kinds, ranging from individuals filing Johnson v. Davis claims to small companies struggling with business disputes to multinational developers dealing with community-wide construction defects. My legal team has the knowledge, skills and experience to guide both plaintiffs and defendants through the legal process. We view each case through the lens of legal precedent and remove emotion from the equation.

A Legal Team That Values
Your Time And Money
As Much As You Do

At Walker Esquire, we understand that time and money are precious commodities for all businesses. When we receive an invoice peppered with questionable charges, we contact the vendor to challenge the billing. We expect our clients to do the same when we submit an invoice. As our client, you can count on us taking a thoughtful approach to our work and making sure that all efforts are focused on getting resolution to your legal issues.

An Experienced Attorney Recognized In The
Legal Community

Founding attorney Stephen E. Walker first got the notice of his peers when he was appointed to the Defense Steering Committee on the Chinese drywall litigation while still in his 20s. He was one of only two construction lawyers on the team and quickly became the go-to attorney for counsel on construction law issues in the state of Florida. Since that time, he has been selected to Super Lawyers and has earned the respect and admiration of his peers.

Get the benefit of a legal team with 20 years of experience handling real estate and construction claims in Florida by contacting Walker Esquire today.