Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in construction, real estate and commercial litigation.

Handling Your Case As If It Were Mine

At Walker Esquire, you will find experienced legal counsel focused on treating you with the utmost care. I try my best to treat each client’s case as if I were the one needing representation – to do for my clients in the courtroom what they would do if they knew how.

I am Stephen E. Walker, and I have more than 20 years of experience as a trial attorney. I started my career as a prosecutor and have tried nearly 80 jury trials. As a trial lawyer, I have worked on both sides of criminal and civil cases. In civil cases, I’ve gotten many defense verdicts to zero. And on the plaintiff side, I have won verdicts of more than $1,000,000 at trial. My extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom gives me invaluable insight into how to build a strong case.

A Focus On Construction, Real Estate And Commercial Litigation

The majority of my career has been focused on representing homeowners, property owners, businesses, developers, builders and suppliers in litigation that involves the construction industry. I understand that these types of cases are time-sensitive and that delays can cost the parties a significant amount of money.

My goal is to handle each case efficiently while protecting my client’s interests. You can rely on me to use the method of dispute resolution appropriate to your case, whether that is negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Finding A Resolution To Your Case Starts With A Conversation

If you need large-firm experience and knowledge for a manageable fee, speak with me today. You can call 561-532-3459 or send me an email. Located in Jupiter, my staff and I serve clients throughout Florida’s southeastern coast.