Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in construction, real estate and commercial litigation.

Experience Is Key When Resolving Real Estate Disputes

If you are involved in a construction-related real estate lawsuit, it is critical to have an experienced legal team on your side that understands Florida’s many laws and regulations surrounding construction and real estate. I am attorney Stephen E. Walker, and I have nearly 15 years of construction law experience. My legal team and I also represent people and businesses in Florida real estate litigation.

Are you facing a complex real estate dispute? We understand how stressful this can be so we work hard to find a resolution for you, whether that is through negotiation, mediation or litigation. From our office in Jupiter, we provide real estate representation throughout Florida’s southeastern coast from an experienced lawyer and staff.

Protecting Your Interests In A Full Range Of Real Estate Litigation Concerns

At Walker Esquire, we represent plaintiffs and defendants. We represent individuals as well as real estate and construction professionals in a wide range of litigation, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Property damage disputes
  • Property insurance disputes
  • Johnson v. Davis claims
  • Community association disputes
  • Commercial and residential foreclosures

In most cases, we act as the “man in the middle.” For example, if a developer or general contractor is sued by a property owner, we pass the claim along to who is responsible for the faulty workmanship. If the plaintiff is claiming that the windows are leaking, we would bring in the window installer or the subcontractors. Our goal when representing plaintiffs is to ensure the correct parties are involved and held accountable. Conversely, we also represent defendants and it is just as critical in these cases to make clear who is liable for any defects.

A Real Estate Team You Can Rely On When Disputes Arise

Our attorney’s real estate litigation experience is extensive. Call us today at 561-532-3459 or fill out a brief online form to set up an appointment.